Springhead Trust Wedding 

Chris and Cansu’s Dorset Wedding

Chris and Cansu planned their Springhead Trust wedding in just three months. From the moment I met them I knew their big day would be lively, fun and joyful. Cansu is Turkish and her parents had flown over from Turkey during the Covid-19 pandemic with weeks to spare to ensure they could attend the nuptials. The pandemic made it too difficult for Cansu’s other family or Turkish friends to attend, so it was a small, intimate wedding on an uncharacteristically dry January day.

Springhead Trust is a fabulously secret venue suitable for a variety of events. Tucked away in the village of Fontmell Magna, just south of Shaftesbury, in North Dorset is the Grade II listed Mill and thatched 18th Century House which sit alongside ornamental lakeside gardens.

I had such a blast being Chris and Cansu’s wedding photographer. I particularly love how they embraced the beautiful outdoor area of their venue, despite it being January. In their pre-wedding consultation, they told me it didn’t matter if it rained, they had wellies and an umbrella and it didn’t matter – I loved that! The whole vibe of the wedding was right up my street, informal and relaxed with a timeline that wasn’t rushed. There were SO many big, meaningful moments between the couple and their guests too, which I always love to capture.  

The Clients Said…

What do I say? We’ve been scrolling through the pics for the last week, and people are starting to take a look at the site… You are an absolute star!

477 photos of candid or posed shots that look AMAZING! I honestly haven’t had words to describe it, we sat there with drinks in hand and tears streaming down cheeks just remembering the day.

Thank you for perfectly catching the moment, and for being exactly the right person at the right time.


The Awesome Suppliers

The Venue – Springhead Trust

Stationary – Topikki

Catering– Hungry Mule

Cake – Family Friend

Bride’s Make-Up – Bride’s sister-in-law

Bridal Gown – Trousseaux Bridal, Swindon 

Florist – Acanthus Flowers

springhead trust wedding photographer


black and white photograph go the groom spinning his wife around, her wedding gown fans out as she spins


a white fluffy dog runs at the camera. the newly weds follow in the background, holding hands


the groom hugs his bride from behind and nuzzles into her neck, she rests her cheek on his and smiles


the bride smiles at her husband as she wipes away lipstick from his mouth after they shared a kiss


bride and groom hold hands under the stairs, they are hit with dingo light from the left and light from a lamp from the right, a set of stairs lead upwards on the right


the bride holds the pen above the marriage certificate while the groom laughs. a mirror is behind and shows smiling guests./ the bouquet sits on the table


the brides mum grasps her new son-in-law and smiles emotionally as the father of the bride looks on behind


the bride's bouquet with blue ribbon in the window


the bride wipes away a tear and the groom looks emotional during the speeches


the bride and groom touch foreheads and embrace on the dancefloor


the bride poses with her white fluffy dog in a portrait picture, there is grass and a tree behind


a close up on the newly weds holding hands with the focus on their wedding rings


the marriage officiant holds her ceremony book in front of the man and woman getting married, they hold hands and look at the marriage officiant. wedding guests watch being


the father of the bride smiles at his daughter as he see's her for the firs time time in her wedding gown


black and white image of the bride writing on the bottom of her wedding shoes


the mother of the bride fans her eyes as she gets emotional seeing her daughter ready for wedding


a shot from above of the bride having her lipstick applied by her sister-in-law


black and white photograph of a jack Daniels bottle and a wedding card addressed to the new mr and Mrs


springhead thatched house


a close up detailed shot of the bride's jewelled belt and wedding dress


the bride smiles at the marriage celebrant during her wedding ceremony


black and white image of the bride's dress and lace ivory heels


ducks swim across the lake at springhead trust, the mill is in the background


a wedding favour of a corked jar with brown string and a craft paper label sits on a wooden window sill


the bride laughs as she chats to wedding guests


a three tiered wedding cake with red ribbon around each tier, a beautiful sugar craft flower and ivy sit between the top two tiers


close-up photograph of the two wedding rings and engagement ring, the bride's bouquet and a window fill the background


distant portrait of a woman in a wedding dress with long brown curly hair, her new husband nestles into her face. green foliage surrounds them. in the foreground is out of focusnbrown leaves


close up portrait of the bride and groom touching noses and smiling at each other


photograph of a white fluffy dog with the bride and groom standing behind from the waist down


the bride's best friend cries and hold her phone up to record the wedding speech


bride and her father hug


close up portrait of a woman in a wedding dress with long brown curly hair, her new husband nestles into her face. green foliage surrounds them


wide angle shot of the lake at springhead trust. The bride and groom share a kiss next to the lake, the reflection appears in the clear water below them


the groom pulls a funny face as his wife wipes away lipstick from his lips


close up of the wedding bouquet which the bride holds out in front of her


greenery and flowers surrounds a napkin covered in wedding table decorations


the groom's father hugs his son to congratulate him on his marriage


the bride is given away by her father as they walk up the aisle at her wedding ceremony


the bride looks into a mirror as she examines her wedding make-up


a woman beckons to her daughter for a hug while her friend looks on emotionally on her wedding day


confetti covers the newly married couple while guests throw it in the background


the bride and her friend hug and smile at the camera, the bride holds her bouquet while her friend holds her clutch bag


a wedding guests gasps with shock at the bride's story.


in the gorgeous are branches with green leaves and brown flowers, behind is a footpath leading to the remaining springhead trust gardens which are out of focus


a wide angle photograph of the outside of the mill at springhead trust, a young boy runs around outside


the bride looks down as she holds her husband hand, he leans into her hair


the bride stands in a window which she peers out of whilst holding her bouquet, the light hits the side of her face. behind her is a white wooden door and a wallpaper covered in greenery


black and whit photograph of the groom with his hands in his suit pockets, he gazes out of the window to his side. he stands in front of a white wooden door with wallpaper covered in foliage


the father of the bride reads his wedding speech, microphone in hand


the bride smiles at her father as he reads his wedding speech


in the foreground the groom spins his wife around whilst wedding guests look on from behind, many of them record the dance on their phones


groom spinning his wife around as her tea-length dress fans out in front of the lake at springhead trust


bride and groom pose and smile at each other underneath the italianate rotunda


close up of the groom's chest, featuring his tie, tie clip, waistcoat and buttonhole


the groom and his bride walk through the woodland at springhead trust


photograph from above of the bride and groom hugging


black and white photograph of table decorations including a scroll with a wedding guest's name, a wedding favour and a vase of flowers


table decorations - a tulle bow with a red rose and green leaves decorate the chairs. Fairy lights create bokeh in the background


wedding guests chat and laugh


black and white photograph of the newly married couple being covered in confetti, guests throw confetti in the background



her mother hugs the bride and looks proud as she greets her after the marriage ceremony


a man looks proudly at his new wife as they are pronounced husband and wife. family and friends clap and smile in the ceremony room behind


the bride's father laughs as he gives away his daughter


a wreath of eucalyptus in a window


the seating plan for the wedding breakfast


the bride's gown hung up in a doorway


the bride looks emotional at her mother


a shot from above of wedding shoes and a pearly necklace and earrings in a box


the bride's friend cries as she greets her just-married friend outside the ceremony


the table decorations with fairy lights adorning the ceiling at springhead trust


a close up of canapés being served to wedding guests on a wooden platter


black and white close-up of the bride's wedding and engagement rings. her hand rests on the groom's suit lapel


the groom puts at his bride who throws her head back in laughter as his lips are covered in her red lipstick


snowdrops in front of the gardens at spring head


a candle, flowers in a vase with a blue ribbon, a table number and fairly lights are the centre pieces of the tables for the wedding breakfast


a woman in a wedding dress wearing wellies hugs her mother in front of the 18th century house at springhead trust


the groom wins at his bride, wedding guests smile in the background


the bride lifts her head back to laugh while the groom looks amused. they hold hands during the father of the bride's speech


a wedding guest laughs at the wedding speech


bride and groom lift their champagne glasses in a toast during the wedding speeches


a close up photograph of the bottom of the bride's wedding dress, her wellies and bouquet, in front of a pile of mossy logs


the wedding reception room at springhead trust


bride and groom holds hands and laugh as guests smile and throw confetti over them


the newly weds kiss as they are pronounced husband and wife, wedding guests smile and clap behind


a portrait photo of the bride and her father in their wedding attire


a woman in her wedding dress and faux fur jacket sits in a dingo and looks outside


wedding jewellery - a pearl necklace, pearl earrings and a note from a special friend


the bride writes on her wedding shoes


the bride's friend helps her tie up her wedding shoes


the bride's sister applies her red lipstick


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The Wedding Day

The groom was busy finishing the decorations and putting out wedding favours in the wedding breakfast room when I arrived. Cansu, the bride was getting ready upstairs in the main house, she was as cool as a cucumber! While her hair stylist finished off her hair, I snuck away to get some detail shots including a gorgeous tea-length wedding gown, lace ivory wedding shoes, and a particularly special pearl necklace and earring set. Being an overcast day the light fall-off from the window light was beautiful and gave me some beautiful contrast to play around with using my camera. I was also able to capture some beautiful portraits of the bride (later joined by her father) before the ceremony. There was also time for Cansu to honour a Turkish wedding tradition by writing the names of all the single female guests on the underside of her wedding shoe. She explained that at the end of the night, the name which had rubbed off would be the next to get wed!

The intimate civil marriage ceremony took place indoors and the couple exchanged rings, vows and officially tied the knot. The father of the bride speaks limited English but had clearly been practicing saying “I do”, which he exclaimed proudly when asked who was giving Cansu away! 

Afterwards, the couple headed outside, where they were welcomed into married life by copious amounts of brightly coloured confetti. In all my years as a wedding photographer I have never quite seen the volume of confetti that Chris and Cansu had at their wedding, and I loved it!! Shooting with my aperture wide open meant specs of confetti were out of focus and I love the look of this in the images.  

Champagne, Pimm’s and canapes were served to guests during the drinks reception, which was longer than usual and meant everyone was relaxed, and got the chance to speak to the new Mr and Mrs!

The forecast kept promising the sun would break through the overcast sky so we held off as long as we could to take the newly wed portraits. Unfortunately, the sun decided to stay hidden and being January, the light was only going to stick around for so long, so we took the opportunity to head outside for portraits. Whilst everyone wants glorious sunlight at their wedding, an overcast day has massive positives…no sweaty armpits in wedding dresses or morning suits for a start! The cloud also acts like a massive soft box, diffusing the light, and is incredibly nice to shoot in.

Cansu is a bride after my own heart and promptly fetched her white wellies, so she didn’t need to worry about her shoes getting muddy! After making the most of some more beautiful window light indoors, we took our time shooting some couple portraits in the beautiful Springhead gardens. Some of the wedding guests also took the opportunity to take a wonder and enjoy the garden too!

Chris and Cansu were the perfect subjects to photograph. They were relaxed, happy and willing to just enjoy spending some quality time together away from the crowd while I took their pictures.

Later, the couple brought their beautiful dog (whose name I still can’t pronounce!!) out for a wonder in the gardens and we took some more photographs. I absolutely LOVE dogs at weddings!!!

After the wedding breakfast had been devoured it was time for the speeches. The father of the bride’s friend willingly translated his speech into English, allowing the traditional three speeches to be delivered. However, there was a surprise before Chris’ brother delivered his speech, because the bride’s sister (who had been unable to attend) had pre-recorded a beautiful speech – Cansu was – understandably – incredibly emotional!

After the first dance had taken place, Cansu and her father also danced together. Later, before I departed, the bride, groom and I snuck back upstairs to the wedding reception room where I had planned a night portrait using the fairy lights which were dangling from the ceiling. I lit the couple with an off-camera video light on a light stand. Then, I stood up on a chair and using my widest aperture and a long lens I shot through the fairy lights, creating beautiful bokeh which surrounded the couple.

the bride and groom laugh as he spins her around the dancefloor, in monochrome

The Venue

Springhead is a volunteer-run charity with a sustainable focus, perfect for the environmentally conscious bride or groom. When it’s not hosting weddings, it’s open to school pupils and the generally public and offers a whole range of classes, workshops and exhibitions. The charity aims to use natural resources to build environmental education and rural culture.

The picturesque lakeside gardens are particularly special, with beautifully clear natural spring water. Large lawns are suitable for marquee weddings and an open-air amphitheatre with an Italianate Rotunda for outdoor civil ceremonies. Historic orchards, wooden brides, flower beds laden with flowers and even a kitchen garden all make Springhead a very special place to tie the knot.

Springhead Trust Wedding Photographer – Becky Weir

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spring head wedding photographer

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