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It’s SUPER important that we’re a good fit, so we’ll have a chat on Zoom to check I’m the right photographer for you.


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We’ll keep in touch via e-mail or Instagram DMs as well as meeting up for your pre-wed shoot, so we’ve lots of opportunity to get to know each other and plan for your awesome wedding photographs





I absolutely strive to have good, honest and timely communication with all my clients.

If I’m ever out of the office for more than a day and unable to answer e-mails, there’ll always be an auto-response informing you of the date of my return. You’ll also get my phone number for any emergencies.

No question is too stupid and no request too crazy!

Sometimes clients ask for things which won’t necessarily lead to the best possible image, so my job as the professional is to give handy advice (which, of course, is yours to take or leave) to help you get the very best out of your wedding photographs.