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Capture those you love

“Life is short and precious and the people we love may not be in our lives for as long as we once hoped.”

I was always labelled sensitive as a child as if it was a bad thing, but as an adult I’ve come to realise this is one of my greatest strengths! Weddings are so super charged with emotion, and my sensitive soul is very in tune with the energy of a room. If a bride is feeling overwhelmed and needs a moment, I instinctively know to step back or offer some supportive words. I feed off excited energy, am deeply moved by real, honest love and I feel totally high on life when capturing happy, loose souls on the dancefloor. I believe this enables me to really capture the feel of the day. I want to take my clients back to how they felt on the day, not just show them how it looked.

“We laughed, we cried, we were amazed at all the things we’d missed on the day. It was remarkable”

I’ll never, ever forget seeing our wedding photographs for the first time, it was the most intense, love-filled hour of my life. We laughed, we cried, we were amazed at all the things we’d missed on the day. It was remarkable.

In that moment, I truly realised the privilege of my work, and I now work tirelessly to deliver the same experience for my clients. I really love other humans and being able to capture the precious moments between my clients those they love, is just the most wonderful thing!


“Becky is amazing,

she put me at ease straight away…”

photograph of becky the wedding photographer

Why Wedding Photography?

“to capture those moments for my clients, so that they can keep them forever, is truly a remarkable thing.

I fell into a career nursing as I’d always been labelled ‘kind and caring’ and I didn’t really know what else to do. 

During my nursing career I was drawn to end of life care. It gave me the opportunity to witness the tenderness of relationships between people who love one another. Until you’ve seen it, you can’t imagine the love between two people who know their time together is limited to weeks or days. The constant reminder that life was short was good for me. I will always be grateful for those experiences and always keep in my mind that life is fragile.

In 2015, after being ill for more than half my life, my Mum suddenly died. We were very close, and her death tore my world apart. My sister recently said to me “I think it’s mum’s legacy that we have both learnt so much from her life and in our grief for her”. Mum’s death gave me the courage to pursue a career doing something I loved, to pursue real happiness in all aspects of my life.

When I decided to leave nursing, wedding photography just made sense. I loved the moments of real, honest, love I witnessed between patients and their families. Weddings have these moments in abundance. To record them, to capture those moments for my clients, so that they can keep them forever, is truly a remarkable thing.

I’ve lost count of the number of times clients have contacted me since their wedding to tell me their loved one has since died, and that the photographs I captured now have a whole new meaning.

That is my motivation. That is my why.

That’s why I turn up to every wedding willing to work my socks off for my clients, and why I’m so incredibly passionate about what I do.

My Life Now 

I live in an old house in the Herefordshire countryside with my gorgeous husband, Tom, my wonderful daughter Wren (age 3) and our hilarious cocker spaniel, Ted.

I am no longer a registered nurse and work on my business around our busy family life. Tom also runs his own business, so we don’t sit down very often! Our garden is half an acre and we spend our free time growing veggies, walking Ted and spending as much time as we can with the ones we love most.

We love to travel, and having a daughter hasn’t stopped us! We spent two months touring around NZ in a van last year. It was fabulous. We love good food, good music and good people. My idea of a great night would be dancing around a bonfire with our friends in the garden, listening to some good music and eating something delicious.

photograph of becky the wedding photographer


During my Photography Career, I have been lucky enough to be coached by some of the best Wedding Photographers in the UK including Mike GarrardDamion Mower, Ben Toms as well as having business coaching from the incredible Faye Cornhill.

These guys have shaped me into the photographer I am today and have helped my photography business excel.

I am committed to my own career development. I know I will never stop learning and every year invest in guidance and education, be that in photography, post-production skills or business development. My end goal is always providing the best customer experience for all my clients.

“Becky was fantastic

from start to finish”