Beautifully Natural Wedding Stories

for couples who are wildly in love

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but yours left us speechless”

Bristol Wedding Photographer
With an Unobtrusive, Story-Telling, Documentary Style

Are you looking for a photographer who will blend into the background and capture real moments of love, joy and emotion?

Do you want photographs that will capture the connection between you and those you love?

Are you excited about beautiful portraits but hate posing and are worried about being in front of the camera all day?

My Approach

My informal, natural style paired with my warm, friendly personality makes me the perfect match for couples who don’t like posing but want a photographer to tell their wedding day love-story.


In the blink of an eye your wedding day will have been and gone…


…but don’t worry because I’m there to capture all those real, wonderful moments bursting with emotion, to tell the story of your day and help make memories that will last a lifetime.


Wonderfully Wild Weddings

Being an adventurer and lover of all things outdoors, my work is inspired by nature.


I’m never happier than when I’m out in the great British countryside and so my work is heavily inspired by nature. I love to get creative in wild and wonderful locations and am never happier than at a wedding deep in the British countryside.


Find out more about me to understand why the great outdoors inspires me so much.


Here you won’t find treason heart

Across my website, you’ll notice lots of portraits of past clients, mostly looking relaxed, gorgeous and overwhelmingly in love.


At least one person from EVERY SINGLE ONE of these couples has told me they aren’t comfortable having their photo taken. Being in front of the camera is something that (being a true Brit) even I don’t like… that’s why, when my clients tell me they hate having their photo taken, I totally get it. 


But getting to know me beforehand, having a practice run with an Engagement Shoot and getting carried away in the moment (as well as a little gentle direction) always leads to stunning photographs, just like the ones you’ll see (I promise!).


For me, portraits are super important… Let’s face it, if it wasn’t for you two, there’d be no wedding at all! My promise to you – I’ll never ask you to look at the camera and I’ll never get you to say cheeeese!

So all you really need to do is bring the love!


You, Authentically You

I only shoot a limited number of weddings per year, and that’s because I pride myself in getting to know each of my couples before their wedding. I’m a friendly, approachable soul and given that I’ll be around you for most of the day, I think it’s really important we get to know each other, and I get a sense of who you are and what your hopes and wishes are for your wedding, prior to the day.

I absolutely LOVE to know all the ins and outs, I love to learn about your family history and be able to call your Nanna by her funny nickname… for me, the more information the better as it helps me understand who you are and how you came together.

I am naturally a sentimental person; I’m well known amongst friends and family for wearing my heart on my sleeve. This, as well as getting to know you beforehand allows me to truly connect with your love story and allows me to tell your unique wedding story.

Capturing Real Moments

I’ll be there, quietly in the background, capturing the moments that truly mean the most, from your Mum’s first sight of you in your dress, to your Grandpa letting loose on the dancefloor, and all those wonderful moments in between.

These are all the moments that truly mean something, and these are the moments which bring joy to my soul, bring a lump to my throat and make me incredibly passionate about what I do.

It’s this that makes every wedding truly a privilege to capture.


About Becky

Photography Nerd

Elton Fanatic

Cow Enthusiast

Countryside Wonderer

Hopeless Romantic

About Becky

Photography Nerd

Elton Fanatic

Cow Enthusiast

Countryside Wonderer

Hopeless Romantic

Kind Words

We couldn’t recommend Becky highly enough, in fact that is exactly what we have been doing to all of our family and friends!

From the outset, I knew we were in great hands with prompt and detailed email communications, FaceTime calls and in person meetings. Becky was thorough and attentive, really making an effort to understand…

Sarah and Andrea

“The photos we have show the sheer quality of Becky’s work, they really are stunning!”