What to do if it rains on your Wedding Day


If you’re getting married in the UK, even in the summer, the reality is there’s a chance it could rain.

Rain on your wedding day is definitely not the end of the world. In fact, it’s meant to be good luck! Rain can lead to incredibly romantic images and also means there’s no risk of overheating – nobody wants to be a sweaty mess on their wedding day!

My Rainy-Day Top Tips:


Don’t obsess

There’s no point checking the weather way in advance. Long range forecasts are rarely accurate and stressing for weeks about what the weather is doing is only going to cause you unnecessary anguish.

Checking the forecast 2-3 days before your wedding gives you a more accurate indication and still gives you time to get prepared if the weather isn’t looking so good.


Plan B

If you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, reception drinks, or group photographs, check what back-up option is available at your venue. Most venues will have a contingency plan, so there’s no need to worry.

If there’s no contingency indoor space, why not find a marquee you could hire last minute should the forecast look a little dodgy in the lead up to your wedding day.


Be Flexible

Working contingency time into your timeline in case of rain can be super handy, especially when it comes to group photographs and your newly-wed portraits. Chances are, it’s unlikely to rain throughout the day so a little flexibility can go along way if you’re desperate to get certain photographs outside.


Keep Guests Warm and Dry

Consider hiring umbrellas and blankets from a company such as The Brolly Bucket in order to keep your guests warm, dry and in good spirits. Hiring umbrella’s and blankets is more environmentally friendly than buying cheap brollies which will soon be thrown away. The Brolly Bucket’s umbrellas are excellent quality and great value too.

For a more traditional wedding-day look, I recommend choosing ivory, white or clear umbrellas. If you’ve a strong colour scheme, why not get a selection of umbrellas tops that colour scheme?

If you’d like your guests to bring their own, why not include an “In Case of Rain” section on your wedding invitation.


Rain-Proof Your Outfit

Consider asking your seamstress to add a bustle into your gown to protect the base fabric from getting too wet when moving about outside. Get your bridesmaids well practiced at using your bustle to ensure a smooth transition when you need to get your train up and down in a hurry.

Consider spraying the hem of your dress with 3M Scotchgard to protect from inclement weather. I highly recommend asking a professional dry cleaner to do this to avoid any mishaps.

Why not add a bolero to your outfit to keep you warm when bracing the outdoors? There are some gorgeous boleros available to suit any dress and this can add some fab variety to your outfit too.

Be a bride after my own heart and don a pair of wellies to keep your feet dry and your wedding shoes clean when heading out for your portraits!


Embrace it!

There is literally nothing you can do to change the weather, so the best bit of advice I can give you is not to worry and embrace the weather, whatever it may be!

It’s your wedding day after all, so relax and enjoy it, come rain or shine!

Becky is a Somerset Wedding Photographer with a natural, informal, documentary style and a love of beautiful, creative portraits.

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