How to get the best out of your Wedding Confetti

Confetti walks are a wonderful thing. Filled with love, joy and that We-Did-It feeling, I absolutely LOVE ‘em!

Here are my top tips for getting the best photographs during your confetti throw:


Check your Location

The first thing to do when planning where and when to do your confetti is to find out whether your church / venue will allow you to throw confetti on-site. Find out whether there are any restrictions. For example, some venues have rules about only using natural, biodegradable confetti.

We’ll need a spot where we can line guests up to form a narrow-ish tunnel for you to walk through.

a little girl waits outside a church with a handful of confetti


As with any part of your wedding your guests will need to be organised into position, so you’ll need to consider when is the best time for your confetti throw.

Straight after the ceremony is usually the best time but this may not always be possible. Consider allocating the task of organising guests to members of the bridal party to ensure guests are ushered into position and handed confetti before your arrival.

confetti being thrown at a barn wedding


The More the Merrier

I highly recommend getting hold of as much confetti as possible for the ultimate shot. In my experience the more confetti there is the more epic the moment.

My favourite confetti shots are the ones with the most brightly coloured confetti, so go all out!

Why not go all out and get some confetti canons?!

church wedding confetti


Go Eco

Consider your environmental impact when choosing your confetti. Choose natural, biodegradable confetti and avoid harsh dyes. My favourite confetti company is Shropshire Petals, based in the UK they produce beautiful, dye-free confetti in a huge variety of colours. You can order 5 samples for the cost of £1 to cover delivery, so go check them out!

Use the Leftovers

If you’ve confetti left over why not ask your bridesmaids to sprinkle it on your tables to save it going to waste.



If you’ve restrictions on getting traditional confetti why not consider an alternative? There are loads of alternative options, from bubbles ( to dried lavender, paper aeroplanes or even a snow machine. Keeping with the theme of bright celebratory colours, my favourite alterative is twirling ribbons, what better way to exit your ceremony than walking through a tunnel of coloured swirly ribbon waved by all those you love.

bubbles being used instead of confetti at a barn wedding


Take Your Time and Enjoy it!

My best piece of advice is to relax, take it all in, and enjoy. Walk slowly and take your time, look up ahead, at each other and above you. Stop for a kiss mid-walk and absorb every second!

churchyard confetti throw

a little girl waits to blow bubbles over the bride and groom



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