I’m a Bride – Should I make a Speech?!

In 2015 research found that 1 in 5 Brides were planning to make a speech at their wedding. The feminist in me absolutely LOVES it when a bride makes a speech. I actually gave a speech at my own wedding and am so pleased I did.

So if you’re thinking “I’m a bride – should I make a speech?!” the answer is – yes! Find out why I think more Brides should consider giving a speech…


Weddings are filled with ancient traditions which aren’t relevant to modern day life, one of which is that only men give a speech. These days men and women are more equal than ever, long gone are those traditional sexist roles where the woman was tied to the kitchen sink and men went out to work all day. If you’d like to pay homage to equality, why not make a statement by giving a speech.

A Chance to Say Thanks
There’s likely to be lots of people you’d like to thank who’ve helped you along the way. Rather than asking your husband to do all the thanking, making your own speech allows you the opportunity to thank your important people yourself. It’s also a fab opportunity to thank your new in-laws for welcoming you into their family.

Making a Fuss of Your Lovely Husband
Whilst it’s traditional for the groom to gush over his gorgeous bride in his speech, I always feel a bit sorry for the guys who don’t get the favour returned. Your own speech allows you the chance to talk about how awesome he is too, which is always nice!

Taking the Pressure Off
If your Dad, your groom or your best man are really uncomfortable about saying a few words, why not let them off completely? If you’re making a speech instead, people will hardly notice one of the more traditional speeches is missing.



Consider Speaking Together
Have you ever thought about writing and delivering your speech as a couple? My big brother and his wife did this at their wedding and it was absolutely class! It gave each of them a short break in between speaking and avoided duplicating thankyous too, it was great!


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