Fizzy, Poppy Sparklers to Wave Your Wedding Day Farewell


Sparkler exits are ever popular at weddings and I love them! Getting all your guests together for one final celebratory moment can be a really awesome way to end your day!

It’s also a great opportunity for an awesome closing photograph but does take a little forethought to get it right.

Below are my Top Tips for an Epic Sparkler Exit:


Check With Your Venue

Check out if, and where your venue will allow you to use sparklers. Not every venue will allow for this and if they do there may be restrictions or fire safety regulations that need to be considered.


Tell Your Wedding Planner

Having someone to coordinate merry guest is going to be vital!

Your Wedding Planner needs to know that you’re planning a sparkler in order to be able to coordinate it for you.

If you’re not having a wedding planner as such, ask someone from the Bridal Party to be in charge of coordinating your sparkler exit so that you can enjoy your day and not have to worry about (even more!) planning.


Choosing A Spot

If possible, let me choose the exact location for your sparkler exit. I’ll consider the best possible lighting for the perfect photograph. I’ll need a little time to set up lighting beforehand, so consider this when thinking about timings.


Choose Long, Good Quality Sparklers

Coordinating merry guests to get into position and get their sparklers lit all at the same time can be a bit of a challenge. Get long, good quality sparklers that are going to stay lit for more than a few seconds – this is the most important thing you can do to ensure an epic sparkler exit! Triple dipped sparklers are the best.


Getting ‘em Lit!

Once again, getting sparklers all lit simultaneously can be a challenge so consider getting lots of matches or lighters to speed this up. I recommend long fireside matches to be environmentally conscious and reduce plastic waste.


Take Your Time

A bit like a confetti walk, the slower you can walk through the sparklers the better. Soooo many couples rush through, but in order to give me the best chance of getting an epic shot, take your time and just enjoy the moment!

Stop mid-walk and have a little kiss too – why not? You’re married after all!


Safe Disposal

A bucket of sand, water or a fire pit are the safest ways to dispose of used sparklers.



Consider safety. Make sure kids are accompanied by an adult to keep them safe. If it’s a really dry, hot summer, it might not be worth the risk of starting a fire. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure everyone’s kept safe from harm.


Have fun!

It’s the end of your wedding and such a precious moment so suck it up and enjoy every second!