Planning and Delivering the Best Wedding Speech

If you’re not a public speaker then your wedding speech can be a bit of a stressful moment. As a wedding photographer I’ve seen my fair share of speeches, below are some of my top tips for nailing it!


Practice, practice and practice again! If you’ve rehearsed your speech, you’ll know which bits are coming next, improving the flow of the speech overall. Feeling confident in knowing what you’re saying will really show in the way you present yourself – there’s nothing worse than a speech read in monotone, directly from a page, with no engagement or animation.


Highlight Keywords

Highlighting keywords in your speech means if you happen to lose your place on the page your eyes will be drawn back to the right place easily – a handy tip to improve the flow.


Break Up the Text

Breaking up your speech into smaller bitesize paragraphs also makes it easier to follow if you happen to glance up and lose your space.


Write in PAUSES

Reminding yourself where and when to pause will really help the delivery of your speech. Anticipate when people might need a moment to reflect or a second to giggle.


Slow it Riiiiiight Down

When we’re feeling apprehensive it’s normal to subconsciously speed up in the hope our ordeal will be over sooner! Remember to SLOW.IT.DOWN. You’ve put thought and effort into writing your speech and you want all your guests to hear and understand what you’re saying.


Time It

You’ll have a lot to think about when considering the timings of your wedding day, ask everyone who’s speaking to give an idea of speech length so you can factor this into your timeline.


Use a Mic

I’ve been to so many weddings where guests at the back can’t hear a word of the speeches. Guests then become restless and this can be really distracting when you’re trying to deliver your speech. A microphone massively takes the pressure off and stops you from worrying about speaking loudly and clearly the whole way through your speech.


Mic Tip – When using a microphone talk at your normal volume and try not to hold it too close to your mouth, as this can muffle the sound.


Be Original

Try and avoid copying jokes from speeches you’ve found on Google. It’s not unusual for me to hear the same jokes in speeches on repeat. You don’t want your guests recognising a joke you’ve made from their mate’s wedding speech last year.


If you find being funny difficult, you REALLY don’t need to become a comedic genius for your wedding. It is FAR better to be original, authentic and real in your speech and trust me, your guests will thank you for leaving out the bad jokes.


The Wedding Speech Handbook

At a Wedding Fair in 2019 I met the wonderful Michael MacMahon who’s written “The Wedding Speech Handbook” and I highly recommend reading it if you’re planning a speech for your big day! Well worth the cash if you want to nail your moment in the limelight

Find it here:

groom delivery his speech on his wedding day

bride looks at her husband while he delivers his speech

a guest sheds a tear during the speeches of a wedding

mother-of-the-groom laughs at her son's speech