“The three of us were 

quickly giggling away…”

Unobtrusive and Informal
Documentary approach

beautiful Bristol bride has her bridal make-up applied

How I work

So, what does a typical wedding day with me around actually look like??

the wedding morning

Bridal Preparations

I usually arrive mid-way through your bridal preparations. This is a great time to capture nice little moments like the first time your parents / bridesmaids see you in your dress. Gifts being received and opened. The final touches to hair and make-up. Wedding details such as bouquets, jewellery, your dress and shoes etc.

Relax, enjoy, soak up all those excited nerves – I am to blend into the background, shoot candidly and allow you to enjoy your wedding morning.

Groom Preparations

 (for those who book a second photographer)

Not dissimilar to bridal prep although the gents usually take a little less time to get ready!

I recommend gathering all your groomsmen so we can capture the finishing touches like shoes, cufflinks, ties, buttonholes etc.

It’s great to capture the banter between you and your entourage as well as all those pre-wed nerves.

If you’d like this part of the day let me know and we’ll book you a second photographer.


My approach is very discreet during any ceremony. I keep movement to a minimum out of respect, especially during religious ceremonies.

Once again, I will be shooting candidly throughout, with an exception being a formal photo of you signing the register.


If you’re having confetti, then fab! This is one of my absolute favourite parts of the day.

As you walk down your confetti aisle, move slowly, take your time, look up and around, stop mid-walk for a kiss and continue – enjoy every second!

Check out my blog for my top tips on how to maximise your confetti moment.


the wedding reception

Group Photographs

Whilst my style is predominantly documentary, almost all my clients ask for a few formal family photos too. 

I will ask you for a short list of must-have group photographs and give you some advice about how we can get these done quickly and smoothly as possible, to prevent taking you away from the fun for too long. 

Candid Photography

Once the group shots and portraits are over, I shoot candid moments of you and your guests having fun. The best thing to do is ignore me and enjoy your big day.

 If there’s time I like to shoot pictures of all the details you’ve put so much effort into too.


If you’ve had a Just Us Shoot, you’ll know what this is all about. It’s probably the only time all day that you’ll be alone, so just soak up all those newly-wed feels.

My approach to portraits is to assist you into natural looking positions with a little gentle direction. As with the rest of the day, it’s mostly best to ignore I’m there, look into each other’s eyes and just enjoy the awesome company of your new spouse.  If you’ve booked me to photograph your Bristol wedding, there’s no doubt you’re after gorgeous, relaxed, informal, candid looking photographs so I try and keep these moments looking as natural as possible.

The best thing you can do is to just RELAX and let the magic happen. I try and keep your portrait session as short as possible to allow you to enjoy your day. I’ll need approximately 20-30 minutes during the drinks reception and if there’s some gorgeous light in the evening we can pop out for another short session as the sun is setting. If you’re after more portraits or think you’d like to go somewhere super cool for more photos, why not consider a post-wedding Just Us Shoot .




For me, this is my time for a drink and a well-deserved bite to eat. It’s time for your guests to relax knowing there’s no photographer to shoot pictures of them eating (nobody wants that!). I’m never far away so if you need me, just shout. If you’re able to supply me with a meal I’d be super grateful but it’s not the end of the world – just let me know either way so I can bring a packed lunch!


Once again, I shoot candid images of you and your guests’ reactions here. There is often a lot of laughter and a few tears during speeches, so these make for my favourite kind of images – natural, genuine, gorgeous.

Cake Cutting

Please make sure you grab me before cutting the cake! It’s often a quick moment and can be the easiest thing for me to miss if I’m off shooting elsewhere.

First Dance

Arguably one of the most nerve-wracking moments of the day, but just try and get lost in the moment and forget everyone else. If you’re feeling extra nervous why not ask your close family and friends to join in after a minute or two.

Anything Else

Whilst my style is natural and documentary, and whilst I spend most of the day trying to capture the day as it happens, blending quietly into the background and without interrupting, I recognise that at times there are special things that you may want photographed that I might otherwise miss. I always ask clients to list anything extra special, so I know I won’t miss it!

It’s Party


Let loose and let the good times roll. Ignore me, I’m catching all the action!

Unobtrusive, informal wedding photography in Bristol, the South West of England and South Wales